One-Year a Level

An accelerated university pathway programme for high flyers.


From 2017, we will be offering a one-year A Level programme in partnership with St. Stephen’s International School, a CIS-accredited international school in Bangkok, for students who wish to study Maths or Science based subjects.

Under the programme, students will study Mathematics and two of the following subjects with additional IELTS support on the side:

Biology  Chemistry  Physics  Economics

Students will receive 8 hours of intensive teaching per week per subject along with after-school tuition to offer additional academic support to students. On top of making it possible for students to complete a full A Level qualification in one year, the programme offers very small class sizes (no larger than 15 per class) and expert tuition from subject specialists. Above all, graduates of the programme will be able to apply to medicine, law, business, engineering and other competitive programmes at universities in Hong Kong, the UK and Australia.

For more information on the one-year A Level programme, please contact us.

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