The ABBEY 1 + 1 Bridging Programme

An accelerated university pathway programme for high flyers.

The ABBEY 1 + 1 Bridging Programme

• Intensive 1-Year A Level and IELTS Study
• Top Universities (UK & Hong Kong) Education Pathway
• Professional Tuition Support by Native English Speakers
• Safe, Clean and Comfortable Accommodation Conditions

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The ABBEY 1 + 1 Bridging Programme is a 10-month programme by which students receive education in three Cambridge A Level subjects and intensive IELTS training in Bangkok, Thailand. Examination results subsequently obtained will enable students to apply to universities in the UK, Hong Kong and Lisbon Convention Signatory Countries. Students enrolled on the programme will study either at the St. Stephen’s International School or the Rasami British International School. Students take Mathematics and two other subjects of their choice; they also have the option to take an additional subject in either Further Mathematics or Chinese. Students will receive 8 hours of intensive teaching per week per subject along with after-school tuition to offer additional academic support to students. On top of making it possible for students to complete a full A Level qualification in one year, the programme offers very small class sizes (no larger than 15 per class) and expert tuition from subject specialists. Above all, graduates of the programme will be able to apply to medicine, law, business, engineering and other competitive programmes at universities in Hong Kong, the UK and Australia.

International Recognition
Cambridge A Level is accepted as entry qualifications to universities around the world. Students are able to continue their higher education in the UK, HK, USA, Canada or other countries.

Excellent Faculty and Staff
Both St. Stephen’s International School (SIS) and Rasami British International School (RBIS) boast decades of experience providing quality education in Bangkok. Teachers of SIS and RBIS are all native English speakers and are well qualified in teaching Cambridge Advanced Level Syllabus, which enables them to make use of their expertise to help students gain an in-depth understanding of the syllabus and develop an interest in those subjects. Ultimately, students will be well prepared
for their studies at the university.

Exam-oriented Tutor Support
Students will receive two hours of individual tuition with native English teachers every day after school. Every Saturday, students will attend mock exams to familiarise themselves with the AL exam format. Monthly reports will be compiled for students and parents to keep check of their study progress.

Study-life Balance
Students, as members of the school, will take part in after-school extra-curricular activities every day. In the weekends, students have the option to join English sightseeing tours to enjoy this vibrant city, to socialise and to use English in an everyday-life setting.

Comfortable Living Environment
Students will share a comfortable en-suite room for two which also comes with a pantry. To relax and temporarily escape from the intensive study schedule, students will have access to a gym and a swimming pool on the premises where they reside. Catering services ensure students’ health by providing nutritious meals.

Visit Friendliness
Parents can take advantage of the geographical proximity of Bangkok and visit the students by taking a 3-hour flight from Hong Kong. Under certain circumstances accommodation can be arranged for overnight stays in the same housing complex for students.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student of our 1+1 Bridging Programme.
The objective of this section is to give you a full picture of the application process.

Useful Information

For further information regarding ABBEY 1+1 Bridging Programme, please read: <ABBEY 1+1 Bridging Programme Brochure>

The application forms and fee schedules are available on our website. Please return the completed application directly to ABBEY EDUCATION GROUP Office OR return the application via email or Fax.

*Your application MUST include copies of your OFFICAL TRANSCRIPTS & SCHOOL REPORTS for the past 2 years and your PASSPORT.

For more information on the one-year A Level programme, please contact us.


ABBEY 1+1 Bridging Programme Brochure


ABBEY 1+1 Application Form

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