Prep School

Invest in UK independent preparatory education as early as you possibly can as it is where your child’s educational blueprints are formed and forged for future academic success


Prep schools, as they are commonly known, are fee-paying, independent primary schools that educate children from the age of 7 up to 11 or 13. While a majority of these schools are co-educational, single-sex prep schools are available in the UK. Ultimately, prep schools prepare pupils for the Common Entrance Examination for entry into senior school where they either go on to study at an affiliated senior school or another senior school in the country.

Prep schools offer pupils a first taste of boarding life where a high level of pastoral care is provided to give pupils opportunities to develop into social and culturally minded individuals. On the academic front, prep schools offer small class sizes and a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. With Maths, English and Science at the core of the curriculum, other subjects such as geography, information technology and modern languages offer breadth and balance. For those whose first language is not English, ESL lessons can be arranged. Nowadays, many prep schools also provide extra support for pupils with specific needs.

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