Eastbourne College

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Eastbourne College

This is one of a handful of schools in the country that needs no further introduction. All-boys since the founding year of 1572 with absolutely no sign of changing any time soon, Harrow continues to ride high in the independent boarding school arena. Steeped in centuries of tradition and history, it’s hard not to be enthralled by Harrow’s long and honourable pedigree in education and leadership which has produced 8 former British or Indian Prime Ministers (Winston Churchill perhaps the most well-known of them all), members of both houses of the British Parliament, foreign statesmen, three Kings (yes, you heard it right, three Kings!) and members of various royal families. And so, understandably, parents across the globe drool over the highly-contended places at Harrow each year, in the hope that one day their sons will rub shoulders with or, better yet, become future world leaders.

Head Jim Hawkins holds the reins at the school and is a self-described “benevolent dictator”. Always firm but fair we were told. And never afraid to hold his ground for what he believes is right for the school. Indeed, his approach has served him and his boys quite well. The super curriculum, which he pioneered, challenges and inspires pupils to read well above and beyond the syllabuses, develop intellectual curiosity and foster independent thought – all skills to ensure the boys are in the frame for the world’s most selective universities. The pupils have undoubtedly reaped handsome rewards from this expansive curriculum. Over 65% A*/A grades at A Level and an impressive 85% A*/A grades at GCSE. 25 to Oxbridge last year and 18 in the year before. 2 to Harvard and many more to Ivy League universities. The boys also earned more gold and silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards than any other organization. Not to mention the countless medals they collected in the International Science Olympiads. Academics aside, leadership and service are very much part and parcel of the Harrovian life. Head Hawkins leads by example and envisions a school dedicated to producing men of integrity to work to the service of others.

If you’re a parent looking for a table-topping academic hothouse, Harrow is absolutely not the school for you. But if you’re looking for an all-boys, full boarding school with a coherent and balanced curriculum, then look no further.

Type Boys

Age 13 – 18

Fees £12,050 per term

Location London

Pupils 825 boys, all boarding

Results 65% A*/A at GCSE and 85% A*/A at A Level

Head Jim Hawkins

Boarders 825 full boarding

Oxbridge% 22 places

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